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Community Resilience

Community resilience refers to the ability of groups of people to respond to and recover from adverse situations, such as natural disasters, acts of violence, economic hardship, and other challenges to their community.  In a significant emergency, traditional support structures will likely be overloaded or unavailable in the short term. Neighborhoods of Los Altos and surrounding areas need to be prepared to cope with these situations.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a CERT, BAT, ham, an employer/employee of one of our many businesses, part of a non-profit or interested resident  or just interested in being current on emergency preparedness n Los Altos, we encourage you to register in the Resilient Los Altos Member Data Base.

Resilience is the ability to become strong, healthy or successful again and rapidly recover from
disruption due to emergencies

Resilient Los Altos is collaboration amongst stakeholders, residents and key support groups with a focus on emergency preparedness…

Block Action Teams (BATs), Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and ham radio operators comprise the foundation by providing key support to our residents and stakeholders.

Stakeholders are community organizations that share RLA’s common goal of being prepared to cope with any emergency.

The good news: you are more prepared than you think you are….

Want to learn more about emergency preparedness? We probably have the right class for you.

RLA is becaming a California corporation configured to comply with federal rules for 501(c)(3) organizations able to accept tax-deductible donations and grants to further the resilience of Los Altos and surrounding areas.  Currently all donations are make through the Los Altos Mountain View Community Fund.

RLA will have a robust Advisory Board representing all of the stakeholder groups in Los Altos. A basic tenant of the organization will be to continually attract new faces to ensure that management succession is never at risk. RLA will seek grants and donations to train individuals to be prepared to be of service in the community and to equip those volunteers with appropriate tools to support those activities.

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